Jengar Golden Retrievers has been registered with the
Canadian Kennel Club since 2001, but golden retrievers
have long been a part of our lives.
I have had goldens for almost 20 years.   Since I got my
first golden at the age of 14, they have become a passion
for me.
I firmly believe that goldens thrive when they are a part
of the family.  Our dogs live in the house and are always
with us whether it be playing outside or lounging around
the house.  I do not believe that goldens can truly thrive
when bred and raised in a kennel setting.  
Health and good temperament are the top priorities for
our dogs.  A pretty show dog type is great to have and
good structure is expected, but more important is a dog
that will live a long happy life as a well adjusted member
of the family.
Our dogs compete in obedience and agility.  This shows
they have brains and excel as athletes.

We compete in conformation to show that our dogs
conform to the golden retriever breed standard.

We also have 4 dogs working as child therapy dogs in my
special education classroom.  Children are given the
opportunity to read to the dogs as part of their reading
I take the breeding of goldens very seriously.  We only
breed occasionally and research our litters very carefully.  
We enjoy the whole process and are very thankful for the
friends we have made and people we have met through
this whole process.