Here are some other
Jengar dogs we have
owned or bred.
Come On Down Jake
February 2, 2000
(Tobby X Cheyenne)
Jengar's Reddy for Jazzy
December 28, 2004
(Lance and Charlie)
Jengar's Charlie Reddy Set Go, AgN.
December 30, 2002
(Spinner X Tobi)
Jengar's Laying the Cornerstone
December 30, 2002
(Spinner X Tobi)
Jengar's Do the Lindy Hop (Ch. ptd)
June 21, 2008
(Lacey and Tag)
Jengar's Don't Stop the Music
BPIS, GR 2 winner
June 20, 2008
(Payton and Neo)
Jengar's Cooped up to
June 4, 2009
(Harley and Rhodie)
Jengar's Perfect Duplicity
June 4, 2009
(Rhodie X Harley)